RADARCOMM develops the following

RF & Microwave products


RF & Microwave Products  for Telecom / SatCom /Defense

      Microwave filters

      Diplexers and multiplexers

      2x2, 3x3, and 4x4 MCM Hybrid Combiners

      Power Splitters and Dividers

      Hybrid couplers and directional couplers


 Software defined RF and Communication modules     

     Adaptive impedance matching modules

     PIN Diode Switches and Switch Matrices

     RF front ends for wireless communications



      Planar & miniature Antennas

      Omni-directional,  Panel / directional antennas

      Antenna Matching Networks


Our Current R&D efforts include the following applications:


  4G/LTE and Beyond– Efficient Antennas & RF Components

  RF / Wireless Energy Harvesting

  Low Power RF Comm. Front ends (ZigBee, RFID, etc.)    
  Smart RF/Microwave Sensors

  Wireless sensor network

  RF Front End Modules



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